Mini Movers- 3 years                                                                     Preteen- 10-12

Mini Movers- 4 years                                                                     Teen- 13-15

Kinder Kids- 5 years                                                                      Young Adult- 16-24  

Junior Jumpers- 6-7 years                                                             Adult- 25+

Junior Jumpers- 8-10                                                                    Mommy & Me- 20mths-2 1/2

***Happy Feet Dance reserves the right to place students in the appropriate class based on age, ability and/or level of experience.*** 


Mini Movers (3 & 4), Kinder Kids (5), Junior Jumpers (6-7), Junior Jumpers (8-10)


Preteen (10-12), Teen (13-15), Young Adult(16-24), Ladies(25+)

Mommy & Me (8 week sessions ONLY)

Next Session- Winter 2019


Acro Ages 9+ (Acro 7-9 is 45 minutes)


Mommy & Me Program (24 months- 2 3/4 years)

A chance for Mom & Toddler to experience the joy of movement together.  Elements of Jazz and Ballet make up the technical aspects of this class. Props, songs & creative movement will be utilized to keep children engaged…a perfect introduction to the dance studio setting with Mom by your side!

Mini Movers (Ages 3 & 4)

Mini Movers is designed to encourage and develop the vivid imagination of a child. It is the next step after Mommy & Me and uses dance games, props, story lines, themes, imagination, pretend play and songs to introduce the student to a typical dance class.  Jazz and Ballet concepts are introduced throughout the class. *Mini Movers MUST be potty trained*

Kinder Kids (Age 5) Jazz/ballet or Tap

Kinder Kids is an extension of the Mini Movers program where the student is introduced to either Jazz/Ballet or Tap. The classes are more technically focused with the element of creative dance still present. Use of props, sing along songs with movement and imagination enhance this fun filled class.


Acro Dance is a challenging art form for dancers, incorporating Acrobatics and Dance skills. Dancers must be enrolled in either Jazz/Hip Hop or Ballet/Modern in order to participate in Acro. This style of dance demands athleticism, conditioning, flexibility and a continuing practice of core dance technique in combination with Acro. We have tumble mats to ensure student safety! *Must be enrolled in either Jazz/Hip Hop or Ballet/Modern.*


Baton encourages whole body coordination and balances speed, dexterity, fluidity, musicality (twirling in time with the music) all while combining dance steps/movements and twirling a baton. Still widely popular in the USA, baton has suffered declining interest in Canada and the Niagara Region. Happy Feet Dance is bringing Baton back to the Niagara Region!

*All Baton Students must be enrolled in either a Jazz/Hip Hop or Tap class*

Jazz/Hip Hop (Offered to students Ages 6 -Adult)

Students receive a double dose of dance styles in this class!


Upbeat, classical jazz is studied with a ballet based focus. Technical focus includes flexibility, performance and strengthening of the body. Students will learn jumps, turns, leaps, proper body alignment, traveling steps and preparation steps that are the foundation for the progressional technique to be expected from this style.


Funky & original, choppy & controlled. Dance technique principles include intricate footwork and arm movements, slow sustained body movements combined with forceful and expressive movements. This dance style is physically demanding, trendy, strengthening endurance and body control. All choreography is clean and age appropriate.

TAP (Offered to students Ages 5 -Adult)

Rhythmic and loud, core tap vocabulary will be introduced in a progressional manner from basic to advanced. Improvisational aspects of Tap will be nurtured and explored in each class.

Tap requires musicality, timing, coordination, intricacy of movement, memory, agility, body isolations which will be fostered by the instructor. It is an opportunity to make music with your feet!

Ballet/Modern (Offered to students Ages 6-Adult)


Barre work, centre & floor combinations in a progressional class style: each class builds on the next. Ballet is fundamental training for success in other dance forms as it promotes proper body alignment, self-discipline, strength, balance & control.


Based on a combination of Modern Dance influences including Graham and Limon, students will study a unique and fresh syllabus found only at Happy Feet Dance. Commonly referred to as “Contemporary”.  Modern Dance is a technically based style with fundamental elements such as focus on core centre, opposition, contract/release, rise/fall and proper body alignment. Barre work, centre and across the floor combinations.

*Proper Dance Attire is required for participation in ALL classes.*