Happy Feet Dance

Jazz/Hip Hop

Students receive a double dose of dance styles in this class!


Upbeat, classical jazz is studied with a ballet based focus.

Technical focus includes flexibility, performance and strengthening of the body.

Students will learn jumps, turns, leaps, proper body alignment, traveling steps and preparation steps that are the foundation for the progressional technique to be expected from this style.


Funky & original, choppy & controlled.

Dance technique principles include intricate footwork and arm movements, slow sustained body movements combined with forceful and expressive movements.

This dance style is physically demanding, trendy, strengthening endurance and body control. All choreography is clean and age appropriate.

(Ages 6 to Adult)

***Happy Feet Dance reserves the right to place students in the appropriate class based on age, ability and/or level of experience.*** 

***Proper Dance Attire is required for participation in ALL classes.***