Happy Feet Dance

Owner and Lead Instructor, Tammy obtained her BFA in Dance from York University (Spec. Hons. 2005).

A lifelong resident of Niagara Falls and an accomplished dancer, Tammy returned to the region in 2007 to spread her dance knowledge.

Tammy opened the doors of Happy Feet Dance in August 2009 with the vision of giving back to Niagara through dance.

Tammy Lacas


Whitney Laugher


Whitney started dancing when she was 5 and is an accomplished dancer, winning many awards throughout her career.

She received her Diploma in Dance from George Brown College.

Whitney is also an Early Childhood Educator.

Maureen Patterson


Maureen has many years of dance experience and owned a studio in Niagara Falls.

She wears many hats at the Studio teaching the Adult Program and working at Reception.

Sarah Joyce


Sarah is from Edmonton, Alberta and is our Thursday evening receptionist.

She has a dance background and trained for 6 years in Alberta before moving to Niagara Falls.

She has always loved dance and enjoys exploring new dance genres.

Julianna Wintemute


Julianna has been dancing since she was 3 and competed for 9 years in Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Modern throughout Canada and the USA.

Her passion is Tap; the first style she ever learned.  She also has a background in Theatre.